Voice Healing and Music


About my songs. People have listened them arond world. They say you can hear ancient old spirits behind my music. I have recieved all my songs, meaning they are not composet by my mind.

You may hear old traditional finnish music behind the melodies. Some people say that my music sounds like something from 1700 century in Finland. At Brazil the healers said, we sound like a group of indigenous people singing. At the temple of Bali the monks said, the regognize spiritual vibration within my songs. I think behind the melodies, rythms and lyrics lie our own ancestors from the beginning of humanity.

Music is a good way to channel spiritual healing information. It is not controlled by our mind. Also the message is not limited by the language. We understand music and it's vibrations universally.  Sometimes I sing only voices. Sometimes I channel light language, sometimes we hear beautifull melodies while sometimes healing sounds may sound chaotic.

Shamanistic music express energies, expells negativity, is very healing, empowering and protective tool to work with other realms and spiritual world.

I publish my healing music at YouTube  and  SoundCloud

You are wellcome to listen and become healed.

With love,