Shamanic power jewelry


I make shamanistic power jewelry in the state of Light Prayer. The jewelry is made of natural stones and crystals. A power necklace is used in meditation, on a shamanic journey as a power tool or when counting affirmations in conjunction with manifesting. When you work with your power jewelry, powerful energy is stored in the stones and the jewelry transmits it in a safe form to its wearer.

Making power jewelry always starts with tuning in to hear your higher self. I choose exactly the healing stones and symbols that suit you. The price of the jewelry depends on the materials used. It can be from 100 euros to 300 euros. Along with the power jewelry, I can provide a separate contract for channeling about the jewelry's purpose and the affirmations that are just right for you, called by the wisdom of your soul.

Below you can see a picture of my own power jewelry. It is made of Larimar stones, citrines and a flower of life symbol pendant.

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