Welcome to Rakkaudentähti

My name is Anu Heinineva. I am a healer, shaman, witch and spiritual teacher from Finland.

I have been the founder and leader of the shamanistic community called Rakkaudentähti for almost 20 years. This www- page is about my soulmission.

I am also a musician, writer and spiritual artist, who started the shamanic journey already as a young child, called by my spirit guides. I grew up with reindeers and nature. I have deep connection with plants, stones, earth, animals, devic kingdom and elementary beings.

My speciality is my work as a spiritual channel, shamanistic work with dreams and how to work with spirits. I am experienced space holder in shamanistic healing seremonies where I sing my own healing songs.

I have gained my ancient old knowledge from spirits and deceased shamans of my lineage. I have also studied with many old teachers in Finland, Europe and Amazon. I have worked as shamanistic/spiritual practitioner since 2006. On this page you may find more information about my international work.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@pyhaalkemia9858

Spiritual Counseling – Intuitive Reading and Healing Sessions

During an intuitive session, I will observe your energy field including the aura, chakras, and emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energetic bodies.. An intuitive session is a way to communicate who you are as a spiritual being, what you are learning this lifetime, and give insight into a current or on-going issue. Readings can help you bring more choice, power, control, and consciousness to what you are creating. Clarity can be reached through a session and when appropriate, an energetic healing or clearing can be performed. Blocks and old energy patterns can be brought to conscious awareness and cleared from your space. During an intuitive session, I will work with powerful healing guides to assist you in clearing your aura, charkas and energetic bodies. Receiving a reading and an energetic healing is a great way to feel supported during life challenges and major transitions. You can receive a specific healing for an illness, injury or an ongoing healing project. There is no diagnosis and the healing includes identifying and moving out energy that may be inhibiting your recovery or healing process. My service includes 2 x A4 intuitive reagind and 30 minutes healing. The price of the intuitive reaging and healing sent to e-mail is 79 euros. I deliver within about 14 days of the order. I cannot read the future and I will only work with you on your spiritual path.

You may send your request to my email: valotyo.kurssit @ rakkaudentahti.fi

How can I serve you?

I make shamanistic power jewelry in the state of Light Prayer. The jewelry is made of natural stones and crystals. A power necklace is used in meditation, on a shamanic journey as a power tool or when counting affirmations in conjunction with manifesting. When you work with your power jewelry, powerful energy is stored in the stones and the...

We have a strong healer group of several thousand people in Finland. We work together voluntarily. We do very powerfull dictance healing every Wednesday between 21:00 and 24:00. You can participate at your own pace in your own way.

One day I was contacted by the spirit world. Their request was that I start painting and drawing energies for people to see. Since then I have been painting healing art. You can order your own healing soul image from me. The price of an acrylic A3 board on canvas is 555 euros + shipping costs.

About my songs. People have listened them arond world. They say you can hear ancient old spirits behind my music. I have recieved all my songs, meaning they are not composet by my mind.